It is human nature to strive to improve the lives of their relatives and their. But at the moment when this desire develops into a baseless exaggerated expectation of benefits, and then the difficulties begin with the psychological comfort and mental balance.

In order to bring their emotional state into harmony with yourself, you must realize, as does he the level of their queries? Futile will be the dream of higher positions, if the qualification of the employee. It is difficult to become a millionaire, making no effort to achieve their dreams. Here lies the catch. To gain, you should either make an effort or to look into the eyes of reality.

When a fictional world, a world of fantasy and illusion meets reality and dreams are crumbling, then there is a long depression from which alone can not escape each.

Most often the syndrome of the high expectations people suffer from an inferiority complex. Due to external attributes they want to gain confidence in themselves. In such cases, not receiving the desired, people tend to transfer their negative status to a husband or wife, constantly blaming, finding fault, finding fault in minor things. But they completely forget that you too are not a standard of perfection.

Harmony within us depends on their own perception of reality. You have two options: either to require his life to what, in fact, is not yet ready, or to accept life for what it is, and only then will there be peace of mind. You need to understand to get from life what they really want, need and to match. This is one of the most important and painful in some way stages to find peace with yourself.

You can endlessly suffer and suffer from what you don't have, but it is better to be able to be grateful for what has already been achieved, and then there will be strengths and opportunities for new achievements. In the first place, wanting to achieve anything, you need to work on yourself. To take courses, enroll in a gym. Self-development is one of the ways to calm and understanding yourself.