1) the First and basic principle of communicating with people is the realization of the simple truth that criticism is useless! People generally are not accustomed to condemn yourself, because life passes and if you do condemn myself personally, it is possible to miss, lost in your world, lots of memorable moments. What to do in order that though somehow to influence the behavior of friends and relatives, if you do not use criticism? It's very simple! Instead of condemnation, we need to encourage good behavior. This can be done in various ways and they will act in the best times of any criticism.

2) the Second principle that should be learned is how to elicit the desired action from another person. The truth is simple – in order to persuade another person to do what you want – you need to get this person to want to do it. How can I do that? You need to offer what he wants. Ask often the question: "What, exactly, this man wants?" and then you will get the key to his heart and behavior.

3) the Great philosophers have long argued about the reasons which control our actions, and they all came to the conclusion that one of the main reasons that awakens us to action, is the desire to be significant. Give people the opportunity to feel significant and you will get a mountain of friends and buddies.

4) the Last principle, but not the least in communication is to "Show sincere interest to all. If you're interested in people, they will be interested in you. If you praise people who you think really deserve the praise they will love you more and more every day.