Nowadays there are a lot of information that promises everyone to increase self-esteem is a variety of books, audio and video recordings, seminars and more. But the problem is that most people with this problem just don't want to change because they are too afraid of the teasing or don't want to stand out from the crowd.

But in order to become confident in yourself and your abilities man, you just need to really look at things. To start, take a blank sheet of paper and a pen, divide the page into 4 parts.

At the top write:

1. My dignity.

2. My flaws.


3. Goals I really will be able to achieve.

4. People with the same shortcomings, which, despite them, managed to achieve high results.

After all, record (only fill in all objectively, do the conclusions for themselves. What you have advantages that you are good at and what you want to learn. Also find yourself an interesting hobby, it is advisable to it in the future in addition to pleasure and bring profit. But most importantly, start to love and appreciate yourself, and then people will treat you exactly as you deserve. As a result, you and thoughts will arise that you some not so.