Typically, a mechanical diaphragm is always better and much different from them. Razer, Steelseries - the main producers of this type of keyboards make very high quality copies. And basically, if you decide to buy such a thing, then I am sure you will not be disappointed. Well, let's start to compare.

In membrane keyboards under the keys, use the usual rubber pad, which when clicked expand and create contact. In the mechanical use of the so-called Cherry. What sort of plastic latches. As a consequence, membrane keyboards wear out faster and require replacement more often. The second criterion is the volume of keystrokes. Membrane instances, of course, hush, I think you all can guess why. Mechanical is much noisier, because Cherry - plastic clips create a more noisy effect.

The third criterion - the rate of reaction. Membrane keyboard a little longer responding and you need to stop to press. Mechanical keyboard softer, have a fast response to pressing, and you don't have to the end to press. At the end of this article I will tell you that a mechanical keyboard is more practical and convenient if you type a lot, then buying a mechanical keyboard will affect the speed of performance, and less fatigue.