Consider what are additives that are added to gasoline:

1. Additives that clean. They are divided into those that clean the fuel system and that clean the combustion chamber, rings, piston, valve intake.

2. In the tank over time, water accumulates, and this occurs when vapor condensation – these additives remove water from the fuel system.

3. Additives that increase the quality of gasoline, they increase the number of octane in the fuel.

The types of additives that are added to the oil system:

1. When buying a new car needs to break in a new engine. Break-in additive will help speed up and improve this process.

2. If the engine is dirty, the accumulated resin will help the detergent additive.

3. To increase the efficiency of the engine used an additive that reduces friction in the engine.

4. Additives that increase the service life of the engine, this is due to the fact that all worn parts covered by the shell. This type of additive can reduce the "appetite" of the car in oil, if it absorbs a lot.

In addition to these additives, there are other additives with functions. They can be poured in the carb, cylinders. To apply an additive to one, and not mixing. Be careful. You don't want to do worse to the car.