You can spoil everything by choosing the wrong lipstick. It can give the appearance of age woman to give a bad tone to the skin and white teeth. Modern professionals in the field of make-up is always exactly get the shade of lipstick. It is easy to determine: it is necessary to relate the eye color, skin tone and hair color with the seasons of nature.

Winter: black hair, fair skin. Blue/grey/brown eyes. Lipstick winter women is very striking: from beetroot to al, perhaps the addition of nacre, but the basic tone should be clean.

Spring women: lighter shade of hair, light skin. Blue eyes and gray. Lipstick with a pearl, perhaps lilac, rose, plum, brown.

Summer women: light brown hair, delicate facial skin. Grey/green eyes. Lipstick should be the color lilac or rose.

Autumn: hair reddishness, skin pale peach tones. Eyes brown/green. Lipstick recommended orange tones or a raspberry.

How profitable will look like a shade of lipstick, influenced by other factors and not just type:

• lighting: natural lighting is not necessary to use a cold tone, but in artificial light you need to be careful with orange and brown tone;

• natural color and shape of the lips themselves: bright and pearly shades increase the amount of dark tones, on the contrary, the teeth will seem whiter when you use nelemnoe red lipstick;

• when applying make-up focuses on one thing: either lips or eyes, as the face will look too drawn and unnatural.

Proper application of lipstick:

• first, apply a nourishing balm to lip skin is not scaly;

• next, apply Foundation that will help on longer lipstick;

• the contour of the lips: the upper one is drawn from the middle to the corners, bottom of one line;

• lipstick applied with a brush from the middle to the corners;

• excessive lipstick you want to remove, pressing to his lips a napkin, if necessary, you can apply another layer.