To achieve a satisfactory result, it is important to complete an accurate assessment of the eye color, the shape, the occasion and finally the color of clothing. The trick of makeup varies depending on these specific variables. For dark eyes, perfect colors, earthy, Golden, light brown, orange, light grey. Bright eyes instead, prefer pastel colors, including pink, light grey, green and even some shades of bronze.

The effect is always natural. Those who have light eyes, can make the decision to emphasize the appearance of very strong colors such as dark gray and black. Eyes will extend in depth, while aperture will be brighter.

How to apply makeup?

The first step of eye makeup is applying powder on the eyelids. This will contribute to a better grip, allowing the makeup to stay on the eyelids. After the powder is applied, proceed to the demarcation of the eye pencil. To sum up it should be in the lower part of the eyelid from left to right. The line should outline the arch of the eye to be thicker on the upper lid and lighter on the bottom.

Eyeshadow can be applied only after the pencil. We must start from the minimum of two colors that should be different - one lighter and the other darker. This is done to create the effect of light and shadow, and above all, to give the eye depth. Mascara gives volume and lengthen their look. The main color is always black, but for specific cases you can use other colors such as blue or white. The eyebrows should be delineated with the same pencil used for the eyes.