Special flavor gets homemade cakes with mint cookies, pies and rolls. It combines a variety of vegetables: tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots and cabbage. It is seasoned with potatoes and beans. Mint enhances the taste of sauces and gives a unique flavor the drink: the kissels, compotes, fruit drinks and cocktails. It is used for decorating cakes and fruit salads.

Mint tea is not only refreshing taste and wonderful aroma, but also healing properties. Mint flavoured second dishes: meat and fish. Offer to cook the original dish: lamb steaks with a seasoning of mint and garlic. Lamb can be replaced with veal or pork tenderloin.

Lamb with mint

Products for roasted lamb:

• 600 g lamb,

• 4 cloves garlic,

• 90 ml vegetable oil,

• 1 tablespoon seasoning "dried Mint",

• black pepper,

• salt.


Lamb cut into steaks. Cooking seasoning for meat. Crush in garlic cloves. In bowl, combine vegetable oil, garlic, dried mint. Add the ground pepper. Salt. Brush the lamb steaks cooked with seasoning. Put the steaks in shape, wrapped them in foil. Place the mold in the oven, preheated to 180 degrees. Bake the steaks for half an hour in foil. Then open the oven and open foil. Then bake lamb 25 min.