For a start, spouses need to understand that they created their own unit of society, which consists of husband, wife and children. Now this new family, with its principles and rules. One American family psychologist writes in his book that the main objective in marriage is to ensure that we were. He adds that rendezvous with his beloved, the beloved, usually leads to a distancing in relations with relatives.

But as we know, not all parents are easy to get used to the fact that their child now belongs to and obeys him. Single parents suffer more keenly the parting with his child.

It happens very often that wives are asking their husbands a little better relate to her mother, although, perhaps, with her mother to get along is not so easy. In this case, the husband is important to understand how he relates to his wife, not how he is to treat her mother. In this case, it may be easier for him to go to some unimportant assignment.

It happens that the heads of family are men, but some of the parents of the spouse. In this case, the husband should urgently review its credibility and respectful to talk to the parents. Of course, it is important that the husband learned to be the head, could earn, to solve family problems. It is also important husband and wife, not to tell his parents about their family problems or any faults of her husband. After all, you might say, and forget, and the parents of such grievances for their children can never pass.

Any parents of the spouse would not, it is important to remember that they raised your husband, so you can try to find their positive qualities and appreciate them for the good that's in them. Then maybe you can buy a good and real friends!