The hive is completely sterile. He owes it resinous brownish-green mass called propolis, which bees produce from plant materials. In the human body, this substance also helps to kill pathogens.

Propolis for acne and inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract

Creams and masks with propolis relief for acne, significantly reducing the amount of acne and promote the healing of wounds. The ingestion of propolis tincture can heal intestinal inflammation.

Propolis strengthens the body's defense

If the immune system is weakened, it is recommended that treatment with propolis: take daily 3-4 drops of the tincture with water in the course of two weeks. Acute infection should be treated, taking the tincture three times a day. Products with propolis available in pharmacies without a prescription.

Propolis as a natural antibiotic

He is endowed with antibacterial and antibiotic activity. With the impending infection pain of tablespoons of honey and 10 drops of propolis will help to avoid threats.

Propolis from back pain

Again remind yourself back pain? An inexpensive and effective ointment with propolis liniment is a great way to fight the disease. Bee product boosts the blood flow in deep tissues, thereby helping to relieve tension.

Propolis from rheumatism

This material not only eases tension, but also eliminates inflammation. Thus, the ointment may help with rheumatism. To the affected area twice-three times a day RUB the ointment or cream with propolis.

It is not always necessary to bring their problems to expensive cosmetic procedures or in private clinics. Perhaps in your case there is enough magic cream with propolis.