But once you love yourself, feel at "the top", then you are selfish, bad person! So what is the point, where the Golden mean is to love ourselves as possible, but to be a "good person". It is a choice for everyone. Selfish call those people who failed to subdue, to force to do what is beneficial to someone. And immediately for them, you become bad. But this trait is not at all.

Love for yourself, of course, you can educate, but it takes a lot of time and willpower. People with this trait have good qualities, they are not worried about every little detail of the judgment and gossip of others, they are not interested in the opinions of others, they too love themselves, to turn their attention to criticism.

So, love of self, what is bad? You are trying to impose on those people who are insecure, they are weak and susceptible to criticism and the opinions of others, they are easy to manipulate. Because loving yourself is your strength and faithful companion of life! You will never, ever allow yourself to hurt or humiliate. You know his worth! So love yourself, despite the opinions of others. Because your life only you do, and how to live it, your only choice!