Functions of the monitoring process, according to the theory of quantum psychology, is:

• formation of ideas and beliefs about the world and its objects;

• creation of objective and subjective reality;

- creation of links (relations) between the subject and the surrounding world.

Field theory and the vibrations of the unconscious

The quantum level is the subatomic world. But it would be a mistake to think that this is the world of particles. External vibrations (waves) of energy-form field, which is a platform for creative games of our consciousness. Using emotional tools born of our sensations and perceptions, we change the physical layer parameters of personal world.

Our unconscious, represented the thoughts and systems of sustainable underlying beliefs, integrated in the created reality and determines the direction of its movement. These systems create a matrix that distorts our perception and blocks access to the wave field, where the vibration frequency of the external energy determines the structure of matter.

Energy concentration (observation) able to destroy (totally or partially) the iron bars of the matrix and open access to the resources of the unconscious. The use of these resources is the key to the solution of problems and removal of obstacles during movement.