Consider the pros of American cars:

1. When buying a car in the United States have the opportunity to pick up the car immediately, without any queues.

2. The advantage of that the majority of cars run on 92-th gasoline of view on the European auto industry, often see that the cars run on 95-th gasoline.

3. If you buy a car in the US, the price is significantly cheaper. This is because the dollar is cheaper than Euro. As a result, the cost of cars in Europe is much higher than in the US.

4. Production of American cars over European ones.

5. Another nice advantage of buying a car in USA. American cars are not represented in the European market. As a result, they are difficult to meet, for example in a country like Russia.

Consider the cons of American cars:

1. The biggest disadvantage of buying a car is that when buying a range of cars produced by photos.

2. There is a risk that the car may be damaged during transportation.

3. To overtake the car, you need to spend a lot of time. This process on average takes about a month.

Here we have considered all the pros and cons of American cars. In the article we see that less minuses, than pluses. As a consequence, make the right conclusions.