Onions can be consumed in different forms: raw or cooked, in milk with honey, fried with lard and filled with boiling water. Anyway, the onion has a favorable effect on human organism.

A very popular way to use a bow is considered a cough tincture. To do this, chop the onion and mix it with sugar. The resulting syrup is drunk three times a day. In the same vein, you can use the bow in combination with different teas. Great to cure a cough mixture of onions and broth oats.

A rather unusual method is used to treat sore throats. To do this, from the onion squeeze the juice and the resulting liquid is poured the mucous membrane of the throat. The same effect occurs as a result of normal use of onions as food. It is only important not to eat "medicine". The danger lies in the fact that onions can greatly burn your throat and dull the sense of taste.

Onion has long been considered a plant that perfectly eliminates ulcers, boils and warts. For this to the affected area was applied mashed fresh or grilled onions. Was sometimes made a mixture with other components, such as honey. Today, you can use grated onion combined with ordinary soap. Such a mixture would be an excellent tool for disinfection.

Relevant today will be the recipe for prevention against rabies. This does not mean that you can forget about the vaccination. But it will not be superfluous compress from the juice of fresh onion to attach to the bite of a dog or any other animal.

Mix onions and vinegar used for the prevention of diseases of typhoid and cholera. Now bow oncologists recommended both as a preventive measure and for treatment.