At first glance India is a poor country. Devastation and mud flooded a huge part of it. But this is only the outer side. Anyone who has visited in the heart of India, those who were in the backstreets of Mumbai who looked into the most hidden corners of Jodhpur, you know that India is spiritually rich. Beautiful scenery, a combination of vibrant and harmonious, exotic animals – all this is only a small part of beautiful India.

Taj Mahal

Once in India, any tourist goes to Agra to see the famous mosque of the Taj Mahal. The mosque was built on the orders of the great Mongol ruler Shah Jahan in memory of his early deceased wife Mumtaz Mahal. This building is a mausoleum. In it are two tombs, the ruler and his wife.


In addition to the Taj Mahal in India, you can look in the Northern suburbs of Jaipur. There is amber. This is the Palace of Raja man Singh I. Tourists are allowed to enter the territory of residence on the backs of elephants.

"Palace of winds"

One of the most beautiful sights in India – "Palace of winds". This is a huge five-story wing of the Palace complex. Call it the "Palace of winds" because the facade is riddled with deveciusagi fifty three window openings that allow the flow of wind in hot days.

Indian cuisine

Of course, to see all the sights India and not enough weeks. You need to live there for some time. And try a lot of dishes. Kitchen exotic because of the large amount of added seasonings, but always very interesting to try new things. One of the main dishes of India – vegetable stew called Sabji. Quite unusual for our taste.

Famous flatbreads chapatis do not require a lot of time to prepare, they are very useful as they are baked from a special flour called Atta, which contains largely bran. Preparing tortillas on a completely dry pan, without adding oil, so it is absolutely harmless for dieters. Generally Indian cuisine at first glance it may seem high in calories, but it is not, because in the dishes, vegetables, legumes, cheese, bran and spices. All this is not only delicious, but also useful.

A must see with your own eyes the architecture of India, to ride an elephant and try the most delicious dishes. In this country you can talk to simple-minded and open people Indian streets, to discover the culture and religion, to unravel the deepest secrets of the country. Come to beautiful India!