Advice 1: Where to go in India

India is a country for those tourists who want to travel for something more than just the opportunity to lie on the sandy beach. Here you can touch one of the oldest cultures of the world, to experience unprecedented elation, to get acquainted with a fundamentally different view of the world.
Where to go in India
The trip to India to a large extent depends on the time of year because during the rainy season, even the most attractive resort or the ancient temple will not deliver any pleasure. Therefore it is better to visit this unique country in the period from late September to early June. Start your visit to India is the capital of the state of Delhi, where you can fully feel the intense rhythm of life of the metropolis, spiced with national flavor. Many tourists are deterred by the dense crowds and the noise of city streets, but note that in Delhi there is a huge number of interesting places and sights, which you could spend more than a week.
In the famous "Golden triangle", in addition to Delhi include Agra and Jaipur. It is in Agra is the legendary Taj Mahal, to see which tourists flock from all over the world. A few kilometers from the tomb of located the former residence of the Mughals – the Red Fort, listed in the UNESCO world heritage list. The distance from Delhi to Agra is just 200 kilometers, and the easiest way to travel on the Express.
As for Jaipur, often called the "pink city" because of the characteristic color of the buildings, there is also a wide range of attractions to travelers. Among them – the Palace of Winds, amber Palace, Jantar Mantar, and many others.
Tired of running on the hundreds of temples, palaces and museums travellers are always welcome in the heart of the tourist state of India – Goa, where you can enjoy a holiday at the seaside, swimming, try the delicious seafood like lobster and lobster. But here you can see the sights, historic buildings and artifacts preserved from the times of the colonization of Goa by Portugal. In the same state is the second largest waterfalls in India, Dudhsagar, which brings down the water flow from the height of six hundred meters. It is located on the reserve where you can see representatives of local and exotic fauna.

Advice 2 : What time of year it is best to rest in India

Holidays in India, attracted by its relative cheapness, good service and cultural program. It is only important to choose the right time to visit the country.
What time of year it is best to rest in India
India as a country resort attracts many tourists from around the world. First, the relatively acceptable climate for recreation. Second, relatively low prices for accommodation, food and tourist programs. And they vary depending on the time of year. What time of year is best to relax in India? It all depends on how well you handle the heat.

Indian summer

Indian summer on the calendar is somewhat different from summer in other countries. It begins in late March and ends in late June. This time period is not too large influx of tourists. First, too high humidity and temperature. Forty-degree heat in conditions of high humidity brings many inconveniences. It is not recommended to visit at this time the country people with heart diseases, problems pressure. Second, many private cafes and restaurants on the shore are closed (the season ends). The rate is significantly reduced, which attracts tourists looking for a cheap and warm vacation. Those who decided to visit the country in the period of Indian summer, it is possible to pay attention to the mountain resorts where the air is much cleaner and fresher and the humidity is not so high.

The rainy season

In India from late June to September is the rainy season and monsoons. Showers with a sharp wind kills the tourist season, because the rare tourists willing to stay in the country, where no sea can not see, nor on the tour not to go. It is low season in India, when it is not recommended to visit the country.

Indian winter

From the first of November starts the tourist season throughout the country, regardless of the city. In this period of time across the country open cafes, restaurants, private beaches, excursions. Temperature 20-25oC, which is optimal. Water temperature regardless of the season, is kept at 25-27оС. Since the end of October in India, there are different celebrations in the resort towns, the open beach parties, an active cultural and entertainment program. It is worth knowing that the mountain resorts in winter correspond exactly to winter weather (the temperature often drops below zero). But on the coasts of temperature and weather stable. Even if you love to travel from one city to another, with no surprises you will not do it. The tourist season ends in March, when is the Indian hot summers.
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