Here it is worth remembering the common rule that it is better to avoid possible risks and results, in advance eliminating all potentially dangerous moments. It should be first on everyone's list who are assigned to perform a specific type of work in the presence of a team of workers.

Of course, if your team each will correspond to the level of a specialist, you can be much calmer. However, not everyone was able at the time to finish vocational courses or to higher education. So you'll have to settle for at least some experienced employees in your team. In addition to human factors, should decide the question of the safety of the workplace and tools. Whether it's construction equipment or software, in any case, they should be done in the best possible way. As for programs, you will have to fork out to buy a full license package, otherwise in addition to violations of the law, there is a risk of error when working with the program.

To gain access to especially dangerous work in Saint-Petersburg today has become much simpler. Enough to apply to a special company that meets these requirements, and experts will perform a careful analysis of the preparatory stage of the work. The calculations concern both the human cost and material losses.

After reviewing the result, we can only obtain a permit and begin to carry out required tasks. But do not forget about controlling the whole working process, because even professionals sometimes make mistakes. And they do you simply no good.