An initial impression may be that such devices in fact constitute an effective solution to the problem, because the driver's hands when talking released. But scientists at the University of Dalhousie in Canada, based on the conducted research, it was proved that in fact, all occurs absolutely differently. A telephone conversation or communication with the partner is a complex task that requires human reflection of his words and, as a result, an absolute distraction from the reference vehicle.

The results of these studies are evidence of the fears of scientists – a telephone conversation, no matter how it is implemented, has a negative impact on attention of the driver, due to which the latter can easily not manage to perform the correct actions in the event of sudden changes in the situation on the road.

There are cases when devices of this type are a greater danger even than just a phone, since most of the drivers while talking on a cell phone tries to reduce the movement speed, or even stop the car on the roadside, while using a headset is anything like not perform.