1. Fire

Today Dalmatians are mascots of the American fire brigades. But until the XIX century, when extinguishing the flame used horses, these heroic dogs accompanied by the fire brigade. They fled before firefighters move to clear the way and to bring horses to the fire. Famous Dalmatian Bessie even had a helmet and a special icon indicating its belonging to the fire Department.

2. Guide

Specially trained dogs can become blind to other eyes it's even a conductor in an external world! They lead their hosts on the crowded city streets, avoid obstacles, and even do not give to get lost, because perfectly know the way back. For these purposes, perfect for Rottweilers, German shepherds, Labrador retrievers and collies.

3. The shepherds

Since the beginning of the development of the cattle dogs were indispensable helpers of man. Not only did they help feed the herd, but also protected them from predators. The best shepherds are all kinds of dogs, alabais, Bobtail, Rottweilers and collies.

4. Hunters

Dogs - faithful friends for every hunter. However, to go hunting with his beloved dog will not work - it requires the dog to one of the hunting breeds. In particular, the hare and the Fox it is better to go with hounds and greyhounds, furry animals - with a taxi, and to catch a moose, boar or bear will be useful to husky.

5. The guards

Dogs have very strong guarding instinct, so they have long guarded the settlement. Today dogs protect not only homes, but businesses, factories, warehouses and other real estate. Guard dog won't let strangers and not allow themselves to be stroked. But if a stranger gets too close - grin and menacing appearance stops undesirable actions. Better to cope with this task Caucasian and a German shepherd, boxer, bullmastiff, Rottweiler, Doberman.

6. Investigators

Of course, dogs - well, very talented investigators. They and the drugs found, and the offender to detain, and prevent the tragedy, time finding the explosives...