Beach setting is very much valid for men alone, as birds males spread their wings to attract the females, others burrow in the sand, but would not attract attention.

Look at definitions and make sure what is best suited your date.

Hot macho

He loves to show his tanned torso and sticks out his muscular body at the approach of any beauty. And on the sand trying to find a more sexual and provocative poses.


He really is shy and not talkative. But on the beach he kept more than relaxed, and all of his nature alludes to the fact that it is not against the continue an evening of romance.

The observer

He just loves to consider different women, and compares the figures with their bulge. This activity it captures, and he is willing to spend on the beach all day.


Own appearance shows that his family is the perfect. He is overly protective of their home and protects any objects area around him. But don't mind at least one glance to look after the burning beauty in a revealing swimsuit and a quiet sigh...

If you at least one description of his learned gentleman - it does not mean that you need to make serious conclusions. What to do, so our men!