It's like when growing bamboo. The seed of the bamboo remains in the ground 4 years. At this time watering every day. 4 years later, the sprouts appear in just 90 days grow up to 20 meters. All the time the grower does not know whether the result, alive or dead seeds.

And if you change your personality for gaining wealth requires daily classes, execution of plans, actions on the system, visualize the dreams, in short, all the things we were taught at business seminars and what seemingly does not work for a long time.

This entire period is very important to keep to the chosen path, not allowing anyone to convince himself to return to his former life.

The miracle did not happen, if not to take risks. Great condition it is impossible to create without risk. Bullfighters know what merit there is to go against the bull, when not terrible, or not to go out when scared. But if you're afraid of and go – it already means something.

The same truth, but in other words was expressed by one of the wise wealthy man: "I realized that everything really worthwhile in life ahead of me to death of Scarecrow."

If the next step for you is not terrible, it means that he for you means little and will bring little benefit.

In your opinion, what things are considered vital and is really worth? When you do what I used to, and admire, or when you are hanging in there, and no one does not notice? What business is truly great?

You can estimate how much you are willing to risk, read the following sayings.

1. The usual way may not be less risky than are new and unfamiliar.

2. Not at risk of man never wins.

3. On earth safe 100 percent of the event does not exist.

4. All you need to do as quickly as possible, because for the great success it is impossible to prepare never.

5. Errors not only allows people to do nothing.

6. The unknown is always afraid.

7. At risk has a price, but it is less than the cost of inaction.

8. Afraid to lose, don't expect to win.

9. Risk safely.

10. From the bottom of where not to fall further.

11. To change the world, you need to change.

Any change involves risk, as it forces you to get out of familiar settings. We can develop only outside your comfort zone. Every resolved issue needs to be replaced by another, which is even more difficult.

Capital gain in 20 years, it is possible to find and for 7 years, but you need to take the risk.