In psychology there is a very interesting section, it's called – the psychology of money. This section is designed to explore the changes of mentality and behavior as a whole person who interacts with them, and man's relationship to money.

Today it is the most topical issue, as over time the money starts to play an increasingly important role in people's lives. For some people money is just a way to get the minimum necessary to existence, for many, money is an instrument of power. But overall, for most people money is a tool that generates different classes gives people an advantage and power over others.

For most people the money are like drugs, they are addictive, and subconsciously always looking for profit in everything. It is worth noting that there are people to whom the money will attract, like a magnet, but there are those that repel money. Many put all their efforts, working tirelessly, but still can't achieve material prosperity. They despair and give up, thinking that the case is bad luck. But things are different. The fact that everything in the world is as we represent.

That thought is material, has been written many books, and almost everyone knows about it. And the same principle applies to man's relation to his material condition. The money must be treated wisely, they should not become the object of desire. This approach is characteristic of the middle-class. They don't chase the money, but do not walk away from them. This is the psychology of money.

Those people whose income is below average, on a subconscious level, do not aspire to money, as if they are resigned to their financial situation. People with money give the money a very important role, overestimate their value.

Being aware of the psychology of money and accurate understanding will lead to a change in the human mind that will allow you to achieve the greatest success in establishing financial condition. This task is undoubtedly the most difficult, it requires constant work on oneself, but having decided it, you can achieve financial prosperity.

You need to completely change your attitude to money, you have to like them. It is very important to set yourself up for positive thoughts to raise your self-esteem, and most importantly – believe in themselves and to take up the case. No doubt – if you love money, then they will certainly show a reciprocal feeling.