According to the Cape laid three routes: the path on the tops of sea cliffs, the coast path and a shaded path leading through the Bush. From the observation points with great views of the green region bordered by the blue ocean and white beaches. The geographical position jutting out into the ocean and steeply dipping to the waters of the Cape makes it a very convenient place to watch from above for large marine animals.

Coastal waters are the habitat of the gray sharks-nurse, on the verge of extinction, manta rays, three species of sea turtles (hawksbill, green and loggerhead), dolphins, carpet sharks, octopus and many subtropical fish, including clown fish. In summer you can see big cats and tiger sharks, and sometimes even a great white shark. Corals provide shelter for small fish, anemones and starfish.

From July to November hundreds of humpback whales moving along the East coast of Australia alone, in small groups or pairs consisting of mothers and calves. The Cape provides ideal conditions for observing calmly passing whales. Sometimes you can see them in the Bay and Byron, which at any time of the year is one of the most attractive for the traveler and beautiful places on Earth.