Only comparatively recently Italy was the European country that we know today. Only 150 years ago large cities were completely independent, hence the special customs, cuisine and customs of each city.

Northern Italians have long been referred to as according to their favorite dish – cornmeal polenta, and the name "wop" stuck to the southerners who are willing to eat pasta all day. But the truly different varieties of pasta, and many delicious sauces to them will not leave anyone indifferent. And delicious pizza! Tours to Italy must include a visit to restaurants serving authentic Italian cuisine.

In the hot summer season tours to Italy, on the Adriatic coast will be the best vacation you can admire the beautiful coastline, snorkel in the clear water, situated on the shores of beautiful small Italian towns.

Ski tours in Italy with a visit to the highest point in Europe – Mont Blanc – is the opportunity to conquer the world-famous European route and to a beautiful Italian mountain tan.

Bus tours in Italy from Kaliningrad will allow you in a short period of time to visit the most famous cities of Italy, while not experiencing difficulties with transport and hotels.

Italy is a country that can cause the warmest memories from a trip at any time of the year!