Tourists who are tired of the southern coast of the Crimea, a pleasure to visit this part of the Peninsula.

Among the memorable sights of this region can be described as famous Sudak is a prehistoric trading centre on the Silk road. The Byzantines called this city Sugdeya, the Italians Soldie, and in Ancient Russia it was called Surozh. A large number of names connected with the antiquity and grandeur of this city.

On the territory of Sudak several centuries ago, based the Genoese fortress, which held back the pressure of numerous conquerors. The fortress is well preserved and is a Testament to the medieval era. In this fortress you can visit the watchtower, and consider the exposure height of the Maiden tower.

Not less interesting for tourists may be the Resort village. In this village there is a beautiful promenade with a pebble. Sea berths from waterfront village Resort it is possible to carry out a boat trip to Novyi Svet bays, to the extinct volcano. Considering the beauty around the East coast, tourists will be able to get maximum pleasure.

Sights of the Crimean East will not leave anyone indifferent, but rather will provide unforgettable memories and leave a pleasant feeling.