The island is very well maintained and beautiful. Sandy tracks are always well swept. Here a friendly atmosphere and a variety of proposals to engage in active or peaceful holiday. This is a great place for diving. There is a concentrated aquatic center, which allows travelers to Canoeing, water skiing or catamaran sailing.

The island of Kuramathi offers a lot of excursions. For example, a cruise around the island, a tour of the three Islands, fishing and visiting fishing villages.

The island of Kuramathi in the Maldives has a main restaurant Haruge", where you can taste a variety of delicious food, including perfectly cooked fish dishes. Maldivian cuisine is able to deliver a true pleasure. In addition to the main restaurant on the island has plenty of restaurants of different national dishes. So the kitchen is an Indian restaurant will surprise sharp and original taste of cooked dishes.

The island has an enormous amount of growing coconuts, to try which can be anyone. On Kuramathi dominated by peace and tranquility. There are no noisy animation and show programs. Most vacationers on the island – the Germans. The island Kuramathi is able to give the tourists a lot of unforgettable experiences and allow you to enjoy the atmosphere of peace.