We know his price, the price of a society in which there are, and what we can get from him, that on the contrary to give in return. Under no circumstances do not turn the self-knowledge to find flaws in yourself and the development of complexes.

Our self-image as a person not worthy of something greater may be wrong. We all deserve something more. But to inflate their self-esteem artificially is not worth it. It is fraught with loss of self control and, as consequence, falling of their own ambitions. But it is unpleasant.

It is therefore important to know yourself, smoothly, without unnecessary jerks to rash conclusions. Of course, with the help of introspection it is possible to trace your traits, strengths and weaknesses, to reduce the severity of their complexes, and further levies.

Of course, it is necessary to allocate in the first place its advantages and develop further in this direction. You should try as little as possible to compare yourself with others. Other or, like you, was not, and is no more the whole planet. We are the masters of their lives.

Richer than life events and people, the better we know what we face and their attitude to it. Self-knowledge is the key to our peace and balance in any situation.