Any self-hypnosis requires relaxation. Take a bath with fragrant foam, listen to music, and then start a conversation with you. Thus you will achieve a positive result than if you set yourself up for positive, standing in traffic or in long lines in the store.
Classes are auto suggestions, spend regularly, try to do this procedure every day in front of a mirror for 10-15 minutes.
Particularly important is the selection of sentences, you can read them in books, hear on the audio carriers, but most importantly, keep in mind that you have to understand every word you say. If some one you like, replace it with a synonym, your goal is to feel peace of mind and not ponder what, say. Individually selected duration of the text. Maybe you are more receptive to short of auto-suggestion, and perhaps you will work on texts of length is 2-3 pages.
Remember that any suggestion is forbidden to use the word "no" and "impossible." Any denial can only cause negativity in your subconscious. Self-hypnosis is to help the subconscious (and not action) in the formation of certain images. So don't say auto-suggestion without thinking, just passively reading them from the sheet. Let your consciousness will some images and situations. Imagine yourself sea noise, birds singing, etc. Imagine how you are floating in a warm ocean or ride in a convertible. Positive thoughts will add effects to spoken words. And all of this together will set you on the belief that everything in your life will be good.
Do not expect changes in yourself immediately. Let the mood good mood will become a tradition and a good habit. And stop seeing only the bad. Maybe you told yourselfthat everything will be fine, in fact, have all been adjusted.