Side dishes should be recognizable, fully edible, fragrant, colorful, compatible with the main course and is easily digestible. Well, when the garnish of contrasting color and however complements the main product.

With a normal knife you can quickly make a picturesque vegetable bouquet. From cucumbers and peppers to make a tropical palm, and radishes – miniature fungi.

Some tips for preparing decorative garnish

Soak in ice water carrots, radishes, green onions feather. Stacked in a plate of vegetables will retain freshness and brilliance if it is to sprinkle cool water.

To prepare butter: to make a soft water bath, and beat with a spatula of wood in a homogeneous mixture. The oil squeeze out of the package cone-shaped in the form of flowers, as well as in the prepared mold of bread. Whipped butter good tint with food dye.

Garnish should decorate the palette of vegetables that have different colors. Vegetables blanch or boil them, adding citric acid to preserve color. Cut a small vegetable balls in a special form, put them in a warmed porcelain saucer iridescent colors.

Roast in whole – roast Turkey, fried chicken, grilled young lamb, roast suckling pig, roast game – impressive, if you decorate it with a special pin with a picture of the animal. Strung on the pin mushroom caps, boiled crawfish claws, alternating with beautifully sliced vegetables and boiled cock combs. Beautifully decorated studs stick before serving in ready-to-roast and garnish it with herbs.

To decorate cold foods, use peeled boiled eggs, plums, pickled vegetables, edible mushrooms. Cold jellied dishes decorated in this manner: to make beautiful colored frozen bordyurchik of jelly, put interesting figures from the jelly mass. Orange slices to decorate cold dishes from Turkey and game.

Sandwiches should be decorated with lettuce leaves, small branches leaf parsley or dill, slices of fresh vegetables. Feeding recommended on the diner plate. At the table they eat using a knife and fork.