The most important secret of delicious crispy chip is a method of cutting potatoes. Well if You have a slicer or a special grater for potatoes, however, can thinly slice it with a knife, if you have special skills.

You can cook the chips in a variety of ways: fried, in the oven, in a skillet or in the simplest way – in the microwave. Today we will talk about the last of the above proposed methods.

How to bake chips in microwave oven?

The easiest and most affordable method of making chips is to bake them in the microwave. For this method of cooking uses the least amount of vegetable oil.

You will need:

1. Peeled potatoes;

2. Spices;

3. Salt.

Method of preparation

Chop the potatoes into finer pieces using available tools. Place it on a sheet of special paper for baking and cover it with a thin layer of vegetable oil.

Salt the chips and add your favorite spices, to Your taste. Cook the dish in the microwave for five minutes. It is necessary to carefully monitor the chips in the process of cooking, because the first time will be quite difficult to calculate the necessary cooking time and power of microwaves according to the grade Your potatoes and thick cut. Once the chips are browned, you can easily get them from the microwave and enjoy. Everything is quite simple and delicious.

But there is an even easier way of making chips. Put thinly sliced potatoes on skewers, put the skewers in a deep bowl and send the dish in the microwave for five minutes. But don't forget to watch that Your chips don't burn.