Hair loss mainly affects men, but sometimes this problem also applies to women. For them it is a big tragedy, no wonder they say that hair is a crown of beauty. Causes of hair loss the individual – from the simple, such as a temporary shortage of some vitamins, to those that lead to serious health complications.

The solutions to the problem, as men and women depend on the reasons. If hair loss is caused genetically, you will have to deal with this problem is much harder without the help of professionals can not do. Issues of the scalp and condition hair do trichologists.

Cause of hair loss can also be some great physical trauma, e.g., surgery, accident or serious illness. Each hair has its own life cycle: growth phase, rest and falling out, and every such incident can this cycle be broken. Hair loss is most evident 3-6 months after the injury. The good news is that once the body recovers, the hair stop falling out and grow back again.

One of the main and the biggest physical shocks to the body of the woman is pregnancy, which in combination with hormonal imbalance can cause your luxury hair a lot of damage. Hair loss often occurs after childbirth, which is the body of the traumatic incident.

But if hair loss didn't bother you before, probably in a short time things will get better. Most importantly, take good care of hair.