One of the more unusual desserts are plums in wine syrup for their preparation will need the following set of components:

- filtered water;

- dry white wine (1/2 Cup);

- nectarines (1/2 kg);

- sand sugar (1/2 Cup);

- plum ripe (420 g);

- carnation dry (4 pieces);

- zest of orange;

- ginger root (2 slices).

Rinse thoroughly ripe plum, very carefully separate all the bones with a very sharp knife, it is necessary to try not to touch the pulp, which you then cut into very thin and neat slices. Mix in a large saucepan, dry white wine, orange zest, sugar, ginger root, sliced, add a half Cup of filtered water and the buds of cloves.

All contents of the pan then bring to a boil, next greatly reduce heat and continue cooking the syrup for another 10 minutes. Sliced plums to put in the freshly cooked, hot wine syrup, continue to cook the dessert for another 5 minutes.

To turn off the burner, then leave under the cover of plums in wine syrup until then, until they are completely cooled. As soon as the dessert in the wine syrup to cool completely, should be transferred for storage in glass jars, carefully close the lid and put it in some cool place.

Plums in wine syrup on the table can be served as a festive dessert in a beautiful deep vase of clear glass. For this tasty and unusual dessert to decorate and sliced nectarines and sliced fresh ginger.