To prepare Kopenhaska puffs will need the following set of components:

- puff pastry ready purchase (620 g);

- fine cooking salt (to taste);

- ham (120 g);

- fresh greens in stock;

- cheese (120 g);

cheese "Gouda" (110 g);

green and red sweet peppers (220 g);

- the yolk of chicken (1 piece);

- salami (110g).

Very small cubes, slice the ham, then mix with chopped herbs and grated cheese. Small cubes cut the peppers in for one minute to problanshirovat them in salted boiling water, rinse with very cold water, previously throwing in a colander.

Very small cubes and slice the salami, chop the cheese "Gouda", mix both with chopped peppers.

Lightly drizzle with a little warm water to the layers of puff pastry, roll them into rectangles, put the pre on top of each other. Moreover, the size of each of these rectangles needs to be 50х20 see the squares to cut the rectangles so that their dimensions equal to 10 × 10 cm

With a fork beat yolk, this whipped mixture to coat the squares on the surface. On each square put all kinds of toppings. Squares with a filling to roll so that turned out neat triangles, rooster combs or envelopes, but you can simply decorate the squares with strips of remaining dough, without turning them in any way.

Cooked puffs in its raw form, spread on a baking sheet with low sides, the bottom of which was previously covered with parchment. To a temperature of 200 degrees preheat oven, to cook puff Kopenhaska for 20 minutes.