For preparation of dessert cottage cheese with nuts and marinated persimmons will need the following set of components:

- low-fat yogurt without any additives (152 ml);

- persimmons (5 fruits);

- milk (5 tablespoons);

- lemon with a thin skin (1 piece);

- low-fat cottage cheese (510 g);

- nuts (42 g);

- the juice of the agave products (3 tablespoons);

- orange liqueur (3 tablespoons);

- oranges medium size (2 PCs).

Wash all the fruits of the persimmon to remove them from the stalk, the skin to remove a very thin layer. 2 persimmons need to make mashed potatoes, and 3 of them cut into small slices. From lemon squeeze the juice, pour it immediately in a deep plate, which was previously placed all the slices of persimmon, then 30 minutes set aside to marinate.

Nuts first to chop, then without adding fat and pan-fried, pass them in a small plate and cool. Cut in half the oranges, squeeze out the juice, pour it in the saucepan, which was previously poured condensed agapovy juice (2 tablespoons) and orange liqueur.

All this mixture should be cooked until the consistency of syrup on a very low heat, then add the pureed persimmons, mix well and gradually cool. Low-fat cottage cheese together with yogurt and milk, whisking until then, until it turns into cream, this cream a lot to spice up Agaevym juice that was left.

Small bowls to lay out marinated slices of agave, in the middle of each receptacle to put the fruit pulp and cheese, decorate the top with toasted nuts. You're done! You can bring to the table!