For cooking marinated meats you will need the following set of components:

- coriander and pepper (for 1H. spoon);

small cucumbers gherkins (210 g);

- aromatic vinegar (460 ml);

- large carrot ;

Sol major;

- cauliflower (1/2 head);

- fresh dill (1пучок);

- sweet red pepper (2 pieces);

- shallots (2 heads).

In addition to all of the products that were mentioned above, you will also need two glass jars with a volume of 2 liters each. So, cooking marinated meats start by rinsing under running cold water pickles. After rinsing the cucumbers should be pre-spread out on dry towel.

While the pickles dry up, wash the carrots, it's good to clean it and using a very sharp knife, slice it into very thin sticks. On the inflorescence to disassemble colour-washed cauliflower, then problanshirovat it and the carrots in salted boiling water. Clean and rinse both bulbs. Rinse red bell pepper, cut it into ten pieces, remove all internal partitions, grain and stalk. Rinse the dill, very finely chop it with a very sharp knife.

Chopped greens, and processed vegetables to put in those banks, which have been prepared in advance, then boil filtered water (450 ml) with aromatic vinegar, add salt (2 tablespoons) and all spices. Boiling aromatic marinade to cover the vegetables, laid out in banks, to close the container tightly with plastic lids. Cooked marinated meats store in a cool place about 2 or 3 months, and once a can is opened the shelf life, respectively, is greatly reduced and is approximately 4 days.