In our life there is a lot of points, which we consider as luck or not luck. But more subtly, of course, we perceive moments of bad luck. But we ourselves sometimes do not give a proper account of what is actually worth such luck.

Smile, come what may, all the sorrows and troubles of evil, that's what luck is. The person who holds the position on the positive, day after day, attracts success. The easier we take life, the more fate will reward us lucky moments.

People unquestioningly believe in fate. Any person with any religious beliefs believe in signs from above, foreshadowing the success or failure in business. But he can't understand that the reason for their success or failure is first and foremost himself. People tend to put the memory only the negative and failures.

Start with this to try to notice only good things. Notice the good moments that happen to you. To store it in memory at the right time to use this as a positive experience. Remember all the bad things that happened to you. Then, remember all the good things that have just happened.

Make conclusions. Think about what the outcome would be failure if you did otherwise. In the future, it will help you to find a way out of an unlucky situation. Because it happens that situation again. This will be a good reason to understand that you are the master of the situation. And in your power to deal with it.