There are many options of textile finishing, and the specific choice of fabrics will depend on the overall stylistic solution of the interior. In that case, if you want to buy a vacation home in the country style, you can pay attention to some of the techniques.

Wood furniture will become more comfortable, in addition, it will longer keep its appearance if to put her in special cases of natural dense tissue color oak. Pillows on the bench that resonate with covers for shade can create a sense of comfort (selling similar fabrics made today at the most affordable prices).

Color the center of the interior may be a tablecloth made with a bold pattern of warm colors (great option to do this can be luxury Italian fabrics) that can be harmoniously combined with pleasant lights of fire Russian stove and candles in the candelabra.

Rustic classics bedroom is decorated in pastel colours with lots of white. Details to create the charm and comfort can become cashmere soft plaid, a starched tablecloth, thick blankets with pictures as well as light curtains of luxury fabrics-organza or silk. For anyone who wants to design your house so there are currently plenty of opportunities to bring home in a beautiful and comfortable home.