Not only seasonal factors affect our psychological and physical state. Of course, without them anywhere, but not they play a major role. Since watching criminal Chronicles news from around the world, especially from the southern and Western sides of the world, we can judge that the climate is not to blame.

Of course, the climatic location of the person affect his diet and lifestyle in General, but not so much that he completely could not adapt to environmental factors. And causes mental and emotional state of the individual. It is an internal problem for all and not a problem of geographic nature.

Scientists long ago figured out that the reason of nervous tension lies in the personal perception of themselves within the borders of the world. And only forty percent it all depends on environmental factors such as sufficient daylight, a variety of food and sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals that come with her news from TV and Internet and weather factors.

For their energy processes person responsible personally. You can think about how to build these energy processes, to learn to dump the negative psychological strain. Try to take note of some practical advice. For example, to make a correct and healthy diet, take the necessary amounts of vitamins. And to test individually the appropriate methods of yoga or meditation.

To watch less TV with negative news to minimize the flow of unnecessary information from the Internet. To develop interesting conversations with interesting people, share useful information and experience. To try your hand at a new art, if there is a predisposition to it. And don't forget to systematically arrange the body's fasting days.

At least once a week, try to spend some time alone at least a few hours and shield yourself from the noise of the outside world, it will help to normalize the nervous system.