You will need
  • •carp weighing 2 kg;
  • •0.5 kg of potatoes;
  • •250 g mushrooms;
  • •70 g of thawed spinach;
  • •20 g gelatin;
  • •½ Tsp curry;
  • •1 carrot.
The fish is cleaned, gut, wash carefully and put into a thick-walled pot. There also pour in some water. (Three fingers from the bottom of the pan).
Saucepan cover with a lid and place on low heat for 40 minutes. When the water boils, the fire can be abated entirely to a minimum, as fish should not be boiled, and steamed.
Meanwhile, from potatoes, thawed spinach cook mashed potatoes. Water from under the mashed potatoes it is recommended to pour into a separate container, as it may still be needed.
Ready fish to take out on a plate and leave until cool. Cut mushrooms and simply sauté in butter.
Gelatin pour into a saucepan, pour 60 ml of plain water and leave to stand for half an hour (for the swelling). After the gelatinous mass pour the fish broth to warm it so the gelatin is completely dissolved, season with salt and curry, mix well. If there is only a large form to fill, the fish broth you can add water from potatoes.
The cooled fish apart into small fillets, removing all bones. Fillet evenly spread on the bottom of the form, to fill in part of a gelatinous broth and put into the refrigerator until firm.
After curing on top of the fish to put fried mushrooms and fill them with jelly. Then the confectionery syringe beautifully put mashed potatoes with spinach, pour the remaining jelly on top decorate with slices of carrot and again put it in the refrigerator until fully cured.
Before serving, ready jellied fish, remove from the refrigerator and place on the table. Shape edges gently heat the dryer so that the plug could get, and passed on a dish.