Modern design often uses the mirror as a decorative element. What is it so attractive to designers. First of all, its versatility. It looks great in the apartment and the office, not to mention public buildings. Impressive stained glass mirror is a mirror made them drawings. Their unusual appearance immediately attracts attention.

Ways of drawing on the mirror quite a lot. There are special stained glass techniques, they help create the stunning mirror attract attention. For example, the room is decorated with decorative elements in the form of patterns or drawings on walls or on furniture, if you repeat this pattern on mirror stained glass, it will create harmony and give the room a completely different look.

Choosing a stained glass pattern, you should always consider the nature and design of the surrounding space. Of great importance and functional role of the room (bathroom, dining room, children's).

Techniques of stained glass include several directions: filling machinery, film mosaics, painting.

Stained glass made by a film method is relatively inexpensive, but the quality is inferior to other classic options.

This mirror stained glass is painted on the mirror. If you wish to have something really exclusive, then this is your option.