Start cold water exclusively with rubdowns in strict order from the top down: neck, arms, chest and back, and then legs. Wipe the leather, gently massaging her and moving to the center, for example, from the palm to the shoulder joint. The initial temperature for hardening of the child water should be 35 degrees, after five days can be reduced by one degree.

Provided that in wiping the child did not have any negative reactions, you can use cold water. The scheme is similar. For kids pouring is carried out immediately after a swim, and for older children with cold water can be used as a separate procedure. Pediatricians are advised to make pouring in the warm season outdoors. Dousing under the shower is very effective in poor appetite and childhood obesity.

If a complete douche has on the child aggressive effect, you can try to carry out the procedure dousing with legs. Temperature conditions for these procedures needs to be 30 degrees, but over time, it can be reduced to 16. For pouring water legs, it is very important to use a special pedestal. After pouring rubbing the legs so that they appeared a touch of red. When pouring you must make sure that the child does not get too cold.