The amount of money a person depends on many factors. Ability to work, professionalism, commitment to the goals helps, but not enough. Need not be afraid of money, not to have subconscious blocks and restrictions that do not allow to obtain a significant amount. If you start to think correctly, the income will be much higher.

Attitude to money

Money comes to those who love them. Watch his reaction to the arrival of the money, what emotions do you feel when you get small and large amounts, when to spend it, when you just know that you have them. If it brings you joy, pleasure, then you will be able to attract money, if there is discomfort, and some experience, you need to find the cause and change feelings.

Learn to love money. You need to enjoy not only large amounts, but small. Every time when you touch money, thank them for what they came into your space. Be respectful of these pieces of paper, stack them neatly in ascending order. Try to give them the time, putting things in order in my wallet.

Correct spending

Harmonious thoughts when you shop to help raise money. Imagine that you are not wasting your finances and put them in their development. Think not about the bitterness of losing this money, and increase happiness in your world. For example, buying groceries, concentrate on the fact that the whole family will be happy with a delicious dinner. It is important to do everything with joy, it will attract more money. Thinking about the good money you will always be perceived as something very pleasant, and in life they will come easier.

When you get paid, the first funds spend on themselves, not on debts. Buy any thing, not even major, and then go to pay rent, loans, or anything else. Follow the rule: "my work is my wealth", and always start expenses with pleasant things.

The right images

Visualize the money difficult, because for the subconscious they are only paper. To attract them, you need to imagine yourself a wealthy man. Consider how you would live if I was earning the desired amount, pay attention not only to actions but also their feelings, experiences. Imagine this picture in great detail every day. Think of your wealth, enjoy it and thank the universe in advance for making this dream.

No need to create the embodiments, it is not necessary in great detail to imagine what will lead you to plenty of ways may be different, you need to consider all the options can't. And no need to doubt that it will happen. Just imagine and enjoy the picture. To get it to take up to a year. It is important to give a visualization for at least 10 minutes every day. But it's all worth it to get your dream and the pleasure is not in the mind and in reality.