First and foremost when dealing with clients it is important what role you have chosen in the negotiations. If you took an active position, it is necessary to ring up customers. If you are in a passive position, then you have to wait for a call from the client.

Before you start "squeezing" the clients, you need to conduct a self-test. If all you did to achieve your goal? The client strongly wants to buy your product? Explained to him the nuances?

And now, most importantly, specifics. No one wants razmusolivat life themes, this is starting to bore and annoy both sides. It is reasonable to ask directly: "When you sign the papers?" In this case, you will not lose time and immediately hear the answer.

If negotiations are progressing well, but you notice that the client "frost", then you can make a logical conclusion that something is not satisfied. Possible, price, product quality or condition. In such cases, to prove that you're better than the competition and your price is the most adequate.

If you have a sense of superiority over the client in negotiations, in no case do not stop or loosen his grip. On the contrary, act assertive and aggressive.

Create a "corridor General allegations". This means that any statement you should convert to universal for the customers. My thoughts are you need to articulate in such a way to agree with you all. For example, if you say that on Earth there are an estimated 8 billion people, and among them there are both men and women, no one in the world would dare to argue with you - your statements should be so undeniable.


• don't be afraid to call a prospective client

• strive to speak in language that is understandable to your client,

• analyze the market.