The first thing you need to do is optimization. It will increase your sales and attract new customers. In addition, you can change your strategy on buyers. Come up with a new approach, the original strategy. Organize sales on the weekends, lower prices for a particular commodity on some days of the week. For example, on Monday your store offers good discount on expensive teas. Or Thursday you will have a fish day. Thoroughly prepare for the different holidays. The more shares, the various programs you have, the more consumer will be interested in your product. Perhaps, to increase profits, you have to analyze what goods you have sold well, there is a great demand. And the rest is just removed from the counter. This is also an appropriate way to increase your financial situation. Because, it so happens that a lot of goods, you constantly increase, and the profit was unchanged, and remains, in spite of the large range.

Another important point is the issue of procurement. If properly approach the issue, we can win ourselves some advantages. For example, to reduce the cost of procurement or reduce the cost of delivery. You need to be able to negotiate and be flexible in all difficult and poignant moments.

Of course, optimizations are not all firms, organizations. Since this is a risk for which you can pay and lose everything. The process is influenced by several factors. Namely, excessive reliance on suppliers, on advertising and on the scale of the process.

Instead of listening to the desires of consumers, the firm focuses on the specific provider. Because of this, optimization is not effective and not aimed. Instead, read the demand for tradable goods. And if necessary, adjust or find a couple or three new suppliers.

With regard to advertising propaganda, there is extra blockage product, various promotions, discounts, markdowns, different offers. Or active is one product comes at the expense of other products.

About the size of the optimization here is simple. If management are unable to correctly calculate all the moves in advance to anticipate any nuances or simply are unable to cope with the organization of the process, all the work will be done in vain.

There are three areas that will ensure successful optimization:

  • Customer-orientation. It is necessary to consider all suggestions, complaints, recommendations. You should focus on your contingent
  • Distribution of product categories and the proper organization of the further development, implementation
  • The correct approach to optimization