Twice as likely to find out about this kind of malignant tumors in African-Americans compared to Caucasians, the reasons for this fact are unknown. There is a predisposition to the disease, according to statistics, there are cases when one family illness to a few people.

The petroleum industry workers most frequently diagnosed myeloma. However, the exact cause is unknown, there is speculation that the culprit changes in the DNA, then the cells begin to transform into a tumor. In the absence of clear risk factors, it is impossible to prevent multiple myeloma.


Main symptoms: fatigue, weakness, pain in the spine and bones in General. Also often found in the kidney failure because of excessive production of protein and frequent infections, often pneumonia.


The first thing to do if the person is diagnosed a number of the above symptoms, make an appointment to see the doctor, blood biochemistry, to do x-rays of the bones, computed tomography, and complete research such as biopsy and immunoelectrophoresis urine protein and blood.

The disease may be sluggish, actively and aggressively. Treatment is possible only after an accurate diagnosis, and it should be started as early as possible. The main method of dealing with multiple myeloma is chemotherapy, which is carried out at the Department of Hematology. The chamber needs to be high for two people, equipped with toilet, shower and ventilation system, capable of providing fresh air into the room. Chemotherapy is to destroy myeloma cells in the patient's body. In parallel with her practice of the use of biotherapy for the growth of myeloma cells.

With the defeat of the vertebrae may be compression of nerves and spinal cord that leads to paralysis, impaired bowel and bladder. In this case radiation therapy, sometimes surgery will be scheduled.

Plasmapheresis is used to clean the blood of antibodies that are produced in excess in multiple myeloma.

In stage 1 tumors, about 50% live 5 years, 40% at 2 and 10% at 3.