Swedish massage

In this technique massage therapists use large, smooth devices. Circular movements they knead your muscles, using a special lotion. This type of massage is light, relaxing. Those who go on massage for the first time, it is better to try this technique.


Aromatherapy is a massage treatment with the use of essential oils. The oil is chosen individually for each case. It can have a relaxing or anti-stress tonic effect. The most common lavender oil. Ideal for clients who are often faced with stressful situations.

Massage with warm stones

Smooth stones are heated and placed on certain parts of the body. Their warmth relaxes the muscles. In addition, the stones do massage. Suitable for lovers of gentle massage and those with systematic muscular tension.

Glubokopronikayuschaya massage

The therapist carries out a peaceful strike to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin and relaxation of muscles. It is used to treat pain in the muscles, as well as those who have problems with posture.


Shiatsu is a variant of Japanese massage that uses finger pressure with rhythmic sequence. Each point massage for a few moments. This kind has on the body relaxing effect.

Thai massage

In this technique also uses pressure on specific points. In addition, it involves stretching. It is a kind of passive yoga. Increases flexibility, provides toning and anti-stress effect.