But if you think about the heart of the matter deeper, the question arises: "do I really need this, all they're doing right?" The question is natural, because, as you know, the human body has a certain resource – in technical terms - "durability". And over the years this resource is exhausted. What to do for an elderly person to improve their health and not to harm yourself.

Consider the basic rules, which should adhere to people at the age of:

Go, that go, in any case, no need to run. Running is very traumatic, especially for knee joints, it is also anaerobic load on the heart, and in old age to your son's heart is fraught with consequences. Therefore, it is worth looking at walking. Optimally to walk twice a day, morning and evening. The duration should be selected on the basis of health, recommended walks from fifteen minutes to an hour.

In any case it is impossible to go to the gym and do weights with aggravating. Even if technically correct the exercise with weight that gives stress on the bones especially the spine. In particular, this will negatively affect the joints that have lost the flexibility and strength required to perform exercises with the weights.

Exercise, but remember that when you perform the kneading of exercises you must complete them within the minimum amplitude. This means that you need to make short movements and immediately return to its original position, so the joints will not receive the additional load and to be in a hazardous position, but the muscles enough to warm up.

If you are doing any sports, in any case do not start any exercise in the morning, immediately after waking. From the moment you woke up until the beginning of the workout should be at least two to three hours. This is due to the fact that in old age the metabolism is slowed and the body needs some time to fully Wake up, it is not necessary to accelerate this process.

This list is not exhaustive, but these are the tips that will work in all circumstances, without exception.