Engage in breathing exercises

It is proved that most of the problems with energy levels — due to simple hypoxia. You can improve your condition almost immediately if they begin to perform simple breathing exercises during the day: open the window or the window and stand up straight, but relaxed; place one hand on abdomen, other on chest; five minutes inhale in the abdomen so that the abdominal wall was moving up and down clearly; the next 5 minutes — breathing in chest"

You can do the exercises and within 1-2 minutes, it will cheer you up in any case. Do breathing five minutes, as soon as he felt tired, and wanted to go to the coffee machine. Still, the drink in these machines. is no different.

 Take a contrast shower

Maybe at first you won't want to alternate at the moment of pouring hot and cold water. Then start with 20 seconds, and alternate warm and cool water. A contrast shower is a great exercises for vessels. It improves blood circulation and contributes to a more adequate nutrition of all tissues and organs. Contrast the water temperature makes us younger, improves complexion, relieves stress and allows you to feel more energetic. Contrast shower also speeds up recovery after workouts and helps to get rid of muscle pain. Shower should be taken each morning and immediately after training.

 Move your cardio outside

Often lethargy and fatigue are not caused by some restrictions of caloric, and banal lack of vitamin D. Provitamin D3 is converted to it only if we get enough sun. Moreover, the irradiation may be subjected only to the wrist. So if you wander half an hour on the treadmill in the gym, maybe it's better to replace this half-hour walk on the street at lunchtime? Then, your hormonal system will be in optimum operation, you will feel more energetic, and lose weight faster.

In addition, the effect of fresh air also has not been canceled. Fat burning with the participation of oxygen, and we have deeply and quietly breathing, being on the street, at least half an hour a day. Try to do so at least 3-4 times a week and remember that winter is not an excuse. In the end, you can go ice-skating or enjoy skiing in the Park at the weekend.

And feel better help a feasible change in the diet. Eat more green vegetables, they are good even in the greenhouse. Grow parsley and dill in lieu of flowers to get enough antioxidants. Buy organic meat, not foods, and at least temporarily replace "instant" oatmeal whole. These simple changes will help to feel the strength and energy. But this is exactly what we need to achieve any goals!