In the winter the health of the child depends on many factors.

Lifestyle family

It has been noticed that parents have active kids get sick less. Today's young moms and dads trying on a daily basis to display their babies on walks, organize outdoor games at home and outdoors, devote time for the morning gymnastics. This is useful not only for kids but also for adults. In addition, the time spent together, will become the precious time that both generations will remember with great warmth.

Social environment

Home child not susceptible to disease spreading in kindergarten or school groups. This is a positive thing — fewer acute respiratory illness and other diseases. However, at the same time not immune to them. As a rule, starting to go to school, bypassing preschool, the baby in the first year is often sick, as we face new diseases.

Chronic illness can give a predisposition to exacerbations in the winter. A common cold results in such cases, the bronchitis, asthma, pneumonia. Knowing this, parents have the chance and time to take care or to strengthen the immune system of the child, or to eliminate all possible risks.

What to do to strengthen the baby's health?

Tempering with the right approach gives excellent results for increasing the body resistance to diseases.

This includes the following activities: hygiene (showering, cool water, wiping), physical (exercise, massage), exposure to the outdoors in any weather. Definitely need to observe the gradual during the procedure, don't start pouring immediately with cold water and make a smooth transition from warm to cool within a few weeks.

There are many exercises and massages of various kinds, finger, point, psychogymnastics, paraphernalia. The familiar childhood paths of health impact on the nerve endings of the feet, strengthening the health of the internal organs of the child.

Food in winter should not consist of cereals and meat. The important role of vegetables and fruits, rich in trace elements and vitamins. A varied, balanced diet gives the baby the strength daily to deal with these dreadful germs and viruses.

The love of parents is the very stone on which rests the immune system of the baby. Happy children get sick less often, and smile more often.