This habit can shorten our lives, and this is demonstrated scientifically. You think this is exaggeration? Try to recreate in my mind the itinerary and schedule of a typical working day.

You Wake up in the morning, ready for a new day and go to work. If you are coming by car, you have already lost from the start any chance to have "extreme" sports in public transport. But if you were going to last, it is more than likely that every time you sit on the seat, whether it be bus or subway. Even if the motive is to avoid the crowds and the hustle, still you sit.

Arriving at work, comfortably sit in a chair. Many of us have the habit not to get up from there until, until no longer feel his buttocks, and when rigid neck muscles send desperately the brain receptors of the nervous boom "Hey, we are numb! We will do some exercises?".

The road back to home is no different. Arriving home, regardless of start to do anything around the house or take care of children, end the same way – you stay on the couch in the living room watching TV. And then smoothly move to the bedroom to rest the bones a little more.

Typical day of a working man suggests that most of the day you spend sitting, experiencing high loads to the spine and neck muscles. Returning to the conclusion of a scientist can be summarized as: sedentary lifestyle kills you.

In their opinion, prolonged inactivity, even if you sometimes go to the gym bad for health. Although research is still preliminary, previous data show that people spend most of their days sitting are more likely to have serious problems such as obesity or even heart attacks.

After four hours of sitting, the body starts to send harmful signals. Hormones involved in the regulation of glucose and fat in the body, begin to limit their activities. All this leads to fat deposition.

Even those people who exercise occasionally, are not exempt from these troubles, if the rest of the time they spend sitting in a chair or on a chair. Experts advise to alternate these periods.

Another study published last year in Canada, confirms the Swedish data. Under the supervision of scientists were about 17,000 Canadians. Inactive people who spent most of their time sitting on a chair or couch, have experienced greater risks for death caused by different diseases that are directly related to physical activity compared with those who retained a good habit of moving frequently. Although researchers have come to some conclusions, they have not yet had time to analyze the nuances. Thus, although they believe that a sedentary harm health, but still can't say how it is harmful.

Thus, for our own good, we must as often as possible to interrupt periods of sitting. Even if we spend our entire day at the office, you need to find more reasons to rise from his chair. For example, if you want to take a break and tell your partner a funny story, no need to do it through electronic means of communication, and stand up and go to his office on foot. So you can kill two birds with one stone: you move and strengthen relationships at work.